Only Oud has been cultivating agarwood since 2010 in Cambodia and became the market leader in terms of scientific knowledge and the techniques required to stimulate the resinous agarwood.

Our R&D team consists of globally renowned experts in respective fields and collaborates with leading Universities in the United States and Asia, ensuring that the stable production of oud oil is of supreme quality as well as quantity.


Technical Advisor

LAM Yiu Sum

Mr. LAM has more than 20 years Agarwood farming experience. He has been planning and implementing improvements for clients such as adopting more efficient pest control measures and finding more efficient ways to manage agricultural land. He has successfully boosted  the yield of over 500,000 Agarwood trees in China. This achievement has crowned him "King of Agarwood".


Only Oud's leading technology ensures the resin content of Agarwood is 3 times more than Chinese Standard.


Laboratory certified and accredited the Agarwood produced by Only Oud's artificial innoculation technology can be used in traditional Chinese Medicine formulation.



Only Oud has been cooperating with renowned hotels and Chinese medicine company, making sure premium agarwood product can reach the mass consumer market through our diversified channel.


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