Agarwood is known in many Asian countries as a resinous heartwood that sometimes occurs in trees belonging to the genus Aquilaria (Thymelaeceae family). Aquilaria is a fast-growing, archaic subtropical forest tree, Cambodia has the favorable conditions for agarwood that naturally thrive in these conditions. FCD has fully owned and managed farms in Cambodia.


Agarwood is a resinous substance formed inside agarwood trees that arises from the infection with fungus. The Agarwood artificial inoculation technology will be applied to our trees in Cambodia, is the only application which guarantees Agarwood formation in all resin-producing trees species.


The application of Agarwood and Oud oil are broad. It is well recognized in Medical and therapeutic adaptation; the pleasant aroma and rarity of agarwood make it a precious sculpting material. FCD and it's Strategic Partner’s Professional R&D team aims to develop a wide range of agarwood products with our premium and stable supply of agarwood, making this rare “Diamond in Tree” available for the public.


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